01 March 2006

who's protecting us from chuck plattsmier and the la attorney disciplinary board?

we've blogged about this before and its very intriguing. according to the ogden middleton victims website

Sixteen former clients of the Gold Law Firm in Alexandria, La., have come forward with complaints that they experienced grossly excessive billing and inadequate or incomplete representation in their divorce proceedings. These complaints, filed with the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board, allege that attorney J. Ogden Middleton III and the firm overcharged clients, engaged in unnecessary litigation, ignored or failed to disclose conflicts of interest and provided inadequate of incomplete representation.
do you realize how hard it is to get two people to agree on anything much less 16 people to actually sit down and write out and file a formal complaint about their former attorney?


this is how long its been as of todays date since the first complaints against alexandria, louisiana attorney j. ogden middleton and the so called "gold" law firm have been filed and yet the louisiana attorney disciplinary board has taken no action.

especially since hurricane katrina people in louisiana are sick of good old boy politics and corruption. it should be noted that both of the federal judges in louisiana's western district are or were gold firm partners - thats u.s. district court senior judge f.a."pappy" little, jr., and u.s. district court judge dee drell (judge drell's son bradley drell is an attorney at the gold firm by the way) and we really have to wonder if these two arent doing something to hinder or suppress an investigation. what else could any reasonable minded person conclude?

we call for chuck platsmier and the louisiana attorney disciplinary to get on with the investigation or resign in favor of someone honest and competent to conduct it. lead, follow or get the hell out of the way!

contact the louisiana attorney disciplinary board
The Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board
2800 Veterans Memorial Boulevard
Suite 310
Metairie, Louisiana 70002
Tel: (504) 834-1488 or
(800) 489-8411
Fax: (504) 834-1449
Email: ladb@ladb.org

Office of the Disciplinary Counsel
4000 S. Sherwood Forest Boulevard
Suite 607
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816
Tel: (225) 293-3900 or
(800) 326-8022
Fax: (225) 293-3300
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