28 March 2006

why is this news?

**updated** 1:29 pm cst friday 11 august 2006
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like everybody else we first saw this story out of the desmoinesregister.com linked from drudge monday. at first we thought it was going to be something great imagine how crestfallen we became reading how this guy only stayed in a wal-mart 41 hours. lmao! now if he had lived in walmart for a month that would have been news. he went in sometime on sunday after noon around 3 pm (2100 gmt) which would have put him coming out tuesday morning around 8am.

the writer marc hansen has a very vivid imagination and the headline editor helped too captioning it: Spring break at Wal-Mart on what must have been a slow news day there in the heartland.

oh yeah we wanted to add that mr bartels did not "live" at walmart as marc hansen disingenuously would have us to believe. bartels merely stood around for 41 hours.
**updated 10:17 pm cdt saturday 24 june 2006**
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