24 March 2006

another waste of money bill HB477

la state representative sydnie mae durand (d) parks

wow, talk about a waste of money, representive durand's 15 page manifesto (this must be her life's work) seeks to change the name of the department of health and hospitals to the department of health.

here in louisiana we can always count on our legislators to squander our tax money like a bunch of drunken sailors, actually thats an insult to drunken sailors everywhere. think for a minute all the money to be spent on changing dhh stationary, business cards, signage, decals for the state cars, the dhh website, email addresses and so on and so forth.

oh and dont forget the burecrats can't forget them. representative durand's bill charges the "louisiana state law institute to review all statutes which contain phrases being changed by this act."