08 March 2006

piyush "bobby" jindal busted goofing in church - "crackberry catholic"

came across this interesting post this morning on 300 Dollar Wonder blog and thought we would share.
*note Jindal's real name is: Piyush Jindal

taken from roll call:

CrackBerry Catholic

By Mary Ann Akers
Roll Call Staff

March 2, 2006

It’s a pretty good bet that Rep. Bobby Jindal isn’t giving up his BlackBerry habit for lent.

The Louisiana Republican was among many good Catholics who attended Ash Wednesday services at 12:15 p.m. at St. Peter’s Catholic Church on the corner of Second and C streets Southeast. An HOH informant told us, “Jindal was there — sort of.”

According to our spy, the Congressman “spent a great deal of time on his BlackBerry during service and prayer, both reading emails and sending emails. ... I guess Rep. Jindal couldn’t sacrifice his BlackBerry for God.”

His spokesman, Chris Paolino, couldn’t deny it, especially on Ash Wednesday. But he said the Congressman did sacrifice work in order to attend mass. “The Congressman was on his BlackBerry to staff asking that meetings be pushed back because the service was running long. He didn’t want to leave,” Paolino said.