15 March 2006

HB295 or cedric the sell out

la rep cedric richmond (d) baton rouge

incredulous, is one word that comes to mind upon reading representative richmond's two page bill to do away with each parish's elected assessor(s) to replace them with one statewide assessor to be appointed by the governor.

lets see where do we start. ok, for one thing its a good thing to have elected assessors because this at least keeps them halfway honest in making fair assessments parishwide they can always be voted out of office (which is what needs to be done to representative richmond by the way). whats to stop a non elected statewide assessor from targeting poor neighborhoods (or rich ones for that matter) by simply increasing that areas property tax beyond a level that the residents can afford in order to take their property so that another party waiting in the wings may swoop in and buy it? whats to stop a statewide non elected assessor from doing that and much more? use your imagination. obviously a crooked assessor cant be voted out of office as is now the case.

representative richmond is not representing his constituents or any citizen of this state. representitive richmond is seeking to create a hell on earth for louisiana home and property owners. we urge everyone to contact their legislators and demand that HB295 be killed outright.

we also urge those living in house district 101 to come together on election day and vote this turkey out of the louisiana legislature.

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