11 March 2006

HB96 to drive up funeral costs

rep nita hutter (r) st bernard

according to representive nita hutter's legislative webpage she represents st bernard parish. st bernard parish was devastated by hurricane katrina - see lower st bernard blogspot and parish photo's after katrina.

as you can see from rep hutter's bill she wants the deceased name and burial (cemetary) information engraved on a plaque and the plaque attached to the outside of each casket.

we suppose that would be fine for a wooden coffin (since the plaque could be easily nailed to it) however, wood will rot away in time. what we dont understand is how rep hutter plans to attach this plaque to a metal coffin. is she planning on having the plaque welded onto the outside of each metal coffin?

most if not all coffins already have a "tube" on the outside, the deceased information is then entered on a piece of paper rolled up and placed in this tube.

representative hutter is typical of the bait and switch politicians we are being strangled by. on the one hand shes a republican who is supposed to stand for smaller government and less regulations. then on the other hand she introduces this bill which attempts to add another layer of micromanagement and unnecessary expense to an already vastly over regulated and expensive not to mention emotional time in her constituents lives.

the only people who will benefit from representative hutter's bill is the funeral home industry.


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