14 March 2006

the smiling negroes

we came across this scathing article by black commentator editor, bruce dixon, about how andrew young "...decisively spat upon the movement for human rights and economic justice that he spent his early career helping to build." particularly unnerving to black commentator is young's recent announcement that he would chair "working families for wal-mart" an organization that BC calls a "[wal-mart] media sock puppet" making young a "corporate whore."

by the way, we agree, wal-mart is an evil empire.

meanwhile, guest columnist leutisha stills, asks "why is tavis smiling and why are we watching?" in which she points out that "every year, radio/tv commentator tavis smiley holds a forum [State of the Black Union] that brings together "the best and the brightest" African-Americans..." while ms stills admits that she has her doubts about smiley's sincerity she reluctantly gives him the benefit of the doubt:

"Many think that Smiley holds these forums because of personal gain, as well as more media exposure, and they could well be right. But, I must give him the benefit of the doubt when he says that he loves Black people..."
this years SOBU was held in houston and ms stills who attended decided to ask the attendees "What do we hope to get out of the SOBU? and Why do we attend?"

click here to read for yourself what ms stills learned and her suggestions to make the forum even better.

these are great articles (and website) for anyone interested in what black america is really thinking.
updated at 2:53 pm cst wed 15 march 2006