31 March 2006

do you know chris 404'd

...in a shocking case of internet censorship. wheres rogers?

in a breathless rant mere days ago about looming internet censorship dead pelican editor chad rogers urged his readers to "FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW" so why isnt he blaring this story with sirens and bells for that matter? where is the 12 inch bold headlines deriding the arrival of internet censorship? instead not a word from rogers not even a text link to the story.

someone had a website critical to a political candidate in winn parish. a candidate took offense and somehow (due to crappy reporting on the town talks part remain unclear) took the website to court. website's isp godaddy.com located in scottsdale, arizona 404'd the doyouknowchris.com site. of course the town talk doesnt bother to clear up whether godaddy.com 404'd the website or if the owner did it themselves.

further, notice how the town talk leaves out all the important information from the story. like on what legal grounds does someone have to order a scottsdale, arizona company into a louisiana court?

this should be stopped and deserves the entire internet communities castigation. if anything the legal manuevers create dangerous precedent.
so wheres rogers?

heres a screen grab of doyouknowchris.com taken from the google cache:

we have linked all the lawyers we could find to their info at the louisiana state bar...david roach does not appear to be a member of the la state bar.

Web site hit for critizing Winn DA candidate
By Jim Leggett
(318) 487-6346

The Winn Parish District Attorney's race took a different twist when the political consultant for one candidate went to court to find out who is responsible for a Web site critical of another candidate in the race.

David Roach of Baton Rouge, who represented candidate Herman Castete, went into 8th Judicial District Court (Winn Parish) to seek a temporary restraining order against a Scottsdale, Ariz., firm which he said operates the Web site, www.doyouknowchris.com. The site is critical of Herman Castete, another candidate in the race, Roach said.

"Neither I nor my client, Herman Castete, or any of his supporters, had anything whatsoever to do with this dirty political trick," Roach said.
In a special election, Castete and Neviles, along with John William Maloy and incumbent Marty Sanders, are seeking to fill the district attorney's seat left vacant when former District Attorney Terry Reeves died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in July.

Clerk of Court Donald Kelley issued a summons, which states the Web site must defend itself in 8th Judicial District Court on May 2. The primary election is Saturday, and a runoff, if necessary, is April 29.

Nevils did not wish to comment on the legal action.

Meanwhile, three of the four candidates are pushing their law experience as the top credential that makes them qualified for the seat.

Castete, who has served as chief criminal prosecutor and chief indigent defender and is now city attorney and city prosecutor for Winnfield, said he has "more legal (courtroom) experience in civil, criminal and family law matters than any of my opponents. In addition, I am the only candidate that has tried capital murder cases."

Maloy said the district attorney "should have a broader legal knowledge than just criminal law and procedure" since civil work is half his work.

"My legal knowledge and experience in representing state and local governmental entities has prepared me to address these issues and to provide competent legal advice to the citizens of Winn Parish."

Nevils said he "has more prosecuting experience than all of the other candidates combined because of his previous success in the Baton Rouge District Attorney's office." He added that he "is the only candidate to have successfully prosecuted misdemeanor and felony criminal cases and continued with their appeal through state, federal and U.S. Supreme courts."

He also represented the Police Jury in its lawsuit against the late District Attorney Terry Reeves.

Marty Sanders couldn't be reached for comment.

Originally published March 31, 2006
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