18 March 2006

more fees

more of the same from louisiana's speaker of the house joe salter (d) florien

in a time that the legislature should be removing ridiculous fee's and regulations here comes representive salter's brilliant answer in the form of House Bill 259 in which he seeks regulation and feeing [read: fleecing] state "automotive glass repair technicians." at least he got the politically correct term of "technicians" right in his bill eh?

is the state really in need of hiring more people (ah theres the key) to oversee yet another bureaucracy? just read over salters eight page bill and marvel at all the terms and conditions one will have to learn and conform to and obey in order to have the privledge to pay the state either $150 [123 eur] or $100 [82 eur] depending on if you want to call yourself an "automotive glass technician" or an "automotive glass repair technician."

we used to know a young guy that lived not far from us he worked fulltime in the construction industry and installed automotive windshields in his spare time - salter seeks to make a young kid like that a criminal when the right thing to do would be to assist and encourage.

salter obviously has nothing in common with a working man anymore and everything in common with the bureaucrat. salter and his relentless litany of rules and regulations (and dont forget the fees) designed to control us and pick our pocket - oh yeah ever notice that on the one hand government takes our money only to turn around and beat us over the head with the other hand. we finance our own prison.

salter and his ilk their time must come to an end at baton rouge they are killing the people of our state.

its time for us to come together and elect men and women who will represent the citizens of this state and not these spiders who only exist and delight in weaving their webs of rules, regulations, fees and taxes to trap us in.