20 March 2006

HB240 more funeral expenses

just when we thought we had seen it all - thanks to senator sharon weston broome and representive hunter greene we have a new reason to pick our jaw up off the floor.

it seems that not even funeral processions escape the scrutiny of our overseers at baton rouge. broome and greene through house bill 240 want to make it mandatory that

"no person shall operate a vehicle in a funeral procession unless...the vehicle is equipped with a purple and white pennant displayed in such a manner as to be clearly visible to traffic approaching from any direction."
these two twerps even attach a one hundred dollar ($100.00 [82.30 eur]) fine to anyone who dare not display this pennant.

now the questions that should be asked is: who is behind this bill? the funeral home directors? the embroidery industry? who? and does senator broome and representative greene have any family and/or friends or more importantly campaign contributors in those industries?

will the funeral home's have to hire an extra person to issue these pennants? and just how do they plan on collecting them all after a funeral? and how much will this add to the already excessive cost of a funeral? and does anyone care?

we didnt know there was a problem with funeral processions seeing as how we have participated (unfortunately) in many many over the years.

if this is the best legislation these two can think up then its no wonder this state is in the shape its in.
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