02 March 2006

does crime pay?

former louisiana governor edwin w edwards

we dont get any joy seeing former governor edwards (or anyone else really) in prison. edwards is 78 years old and isnt scheduled to be released until 2011 so its very likely that he will die in prison.

convicted along with edwards was his son stephen edwards, age 51, whos in a federal prison as well and is scheduled to be released on 24 november 2008.

this all brings to mind (to our mind anyway) a quote from jesus christ himself who said words to the effect that its better to have a millstone hanged around your neck and be cast into the ocean than to mislead a child - the exact quote from the king james version is here.

while of course stephen edwards was no child when he was convicted he was and is edwin edwards child and who knows but its very probable that stephen was raised in the kind of environment that said it was alright to take bribes etc.

its bad enough to go to prison but imagine how it must feel to know that your kid is in prison too because of the lifestyle that you lead and brought him up in?
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