22 March 2006

DynCorp May Replace Cops in St. Bernard Parish

**updated** 2:55 pm cst tuesday 28 march 2006

we saw this story from cbs news about "katrina looters" chad has linked from dp right now. towards the bottom of the story it mentions st bernard sheriff "proposed hiring 100 private security guards from DynCorp..."

Katrina Survivors Combat Looting


we just came across this article published on 14 march. sounds scary.

It’s a good thing I don’t live in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. If I did, I’d refuse to accept the authority of DynCorp, the renta-cop and mercenary corporation that may soon replace the police in the storm-ravaged parish.

In the first paragraph of the Washington Post article announcing the possibility of DynCorp renta-cops (or in the case of Bosnia, renta-whore-mongers) patrolling St. Bernard Parish, we are told this is necessary because “hundreds of stark white trailers soon to be inhabited by Hurricane Katrina evacuees” will “hide criminals and become an incubator for crime” and pose “another test” for the “cash-strapped sheriff’s department” of the parish.