24 March 2006

Myspace is evil

the only reason we set up a myspace was to take up prison planets' challenge per our post here. so imagine our surprise over the past few days in logging in on our account and being subject to the following heavily sexualized advertisements. its our understanding that myspace is marketed primarily to teens and young adults, so whats the deal with the practically pornographic imagery for a website called true.com and thinly shrouded as advertisements?

as everyone probably knows myspace is owned by rupert murdoch who also owns the fox television network think the simpsons and married with children and the fox news channel. fox news channel is the goebbelesque marketing and propaganda arm of the republican party think red, white and blue, mom, apple, blah, blah, blah you get the picture.

so while mom and dad are sitting in the tv room zoning to the latest "no spin" by the falafal guy little sister is up in her room checking out the latest simpsons program, junior is over in the computer room getting a date with a prostitute or watching a webcam girl or at the least jacking off to the sexy advertisements on his myspace. all courtesy of rupert murdoch and newscorp.

america what a country.