27 June 2009

congresswoman diane watson: michael jackson "now resides in eastra"

so we were on c-span's youtube channel, viewing their clip of the united states house of representatives moment of silence for michael joe jackson, which is about as absurd as the recent loony looziana legislature's hurricane chris rap concert.

congresswoman diane watson in her opening comment at around :30 seconds into the vid, says that "to the country and the world, a young man has left earth but now resides in eastra" then quickly corrects herself "er, in the stars."

eastra -- in the norse pagan tradition, is another name for frigga, the wife of odin and for whom friday is named.

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one of eastra's duties is to sit at her spinning wheel in the belt of orion and preside over the hall of mists. the hall of mists is a "large hall to which the spirits of certain people go when they die."

audio clip length 2:07
very illuminating.

as if all this wasnt bad enough, hours later, the house (on a friday) by a vote of 219 - 212 passed H.R. 2454 american clean energy and security act of 2009 a/k/a the cap and trade bill.
GovTrack.us. H.R. 2454--111th Congress (2009): American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, GovTrack.us (database of federal legislation) (accessed Jun 27, 2009)

Because the U.S. Congress posts most legislative information online one legislative day after events occur, GovTrack is usually one legislative day behind.
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