14 June 2009

greg peters suspect-device savages wst...

greg peters
new orleans or lafayette, la. blogger and suspect-device "cartoonist"
may or may not be a jew but he certainly is a bully who works for them
shown here getting his magus anton szandor lavey on.

sometime yesterday, we noticed (from the 4 referrals that we've received) that new orleans area blogger, greg peters complained about a previous post of ours about the shooting at the holohoax museum. this isnt the first time that mr. peters has complained about one of our posts. it seems that a video we posted some time ago about indian kids playing with cobras rubbed him the wrong way too.

mr. peters who apparently holds himself out to be some sort of blog anti-racist watch dog must now feel that the new orleans blogosphere is too limited for his ambitions -- has now proclaimed himself to be the anti-racist watchdog for the entire louisiana blogosphere.

greg peters an anti-racist watch dog or a criminal desperately trying to protect his network?

its extremely interesting and quite telling that mr. peters went to the blog of noted member of david duke's ku klux klan gregory r. aymond for his information. greg aymond, a local shyster who claims that he is a "former member" of david duke's ku klux klan faction has been exposed on several occasions from this blog to be a con-artist and a liar.

we're also wondering how could anti-racist watch dog, greg peters, have missed that huge noose that mr. aymond sports in the sidebar of his blog? that noose is apparently mr. aymond's way of instilling fear -- to send a message to any black folks who visit his blog. the noose must also signify mr. aymonds desire to lynch the black folks or in greg aymond parlance "hang the nigger!"

mr. aymond who has also admitted to engaging in unethical activity the kind of which he could possibly be disbarred over also admits to having a defective mind that cant think properly.

so how could any reasonable minded person -- much less one, like greg peters, who, by the way, also styles himself as an anti-homophobe yet somehow has no problem with mr. aymond's seeming obsession with "arse bandits and carpet munchers" and who holds himself out to be the anti-racist watch dog, rely on greg aymond and his central la politics blog as any kind of source for credible information?

it doesnt make any sense does it -- unless mr. peters and mr. aymond are both working for the same criminal network.

mr. peters also links to an old cenlamar post. but thats hardly credible as cenlamar was engaging in damage control after wst... exposed his bosses brother's questionable awarding of a tulane legislative scholarship.

a cursory glance at mr. peters blog as well as his rather boring and bizarre cartoons reveals that his stock in trade is lots of four letter words, vulgarity, toilet-humor as well as fart and scat jokes mixed in. these are all indicative of the jewish read: khazar mind.

mr. peters belongs in hollywood or the pornography business.

mr. peters says that he "is a cartoonist, writer and graphic designer" and on his website lists three rather obscure news papers that occasionally run his cartoons. it probably wouldnt be inaccurate to say that these papers are neighborhood papers that most people have never heard of. mr. peters also mentions some unnamed "national publications," as well as an anthology, a museum and an exhibition that have featured his cartoons that no one has ever heard of either.

we suppose that the more likely scenario is that the jews are so desperate to control the information, even within mr. peters rather limited circle, that they pay him to sit before his computer and drawing board to crank out lots of zionist propaganda and be their attack dog.

we wonder why are the jews so afraid of the very limited information a rather obscure blog such as wst... posts from time-to-time, that they dispatch their zionist attack dog, mr. peters to write such a vulgar and profane laden hit piece on us?

is it because the jews know that everything they have today including lots of sympathy as well as the state of israel are predicated on the so called holocaust and anyone who questions the holocaust including blogs at the end of nowhere, must be immediately attacked and criticized?

we noticed that mr. peters likes to use a french motif for his blog. this could be his way of tricking his readers into believing that he is one of them, especially considering that france from the time it had a strong catholic church i.e. "from the time of the crusades through world war ii," the french have always been "anti-semitic." ~ princeton.edu

this guy from argentina who posts on youtube says that "all public debate on the political abuse and misuse of "the holocaust" is branded as "revisionist denial", "antisemitism", "hate mongering", etc.. this is all tantamount to intellectual terrorism [and] it needs to be stopped."

perhaps, mr. peters could gift us with his awesome brain power and explain how after solidifying power the nazi regime only lasted around 1,000 days -- yet in that 1,000 days -- was supposed to have exterminated six million jews and well as millions of gypsies, catholics, retarded and disabled people, homosexuals, intellectuals, dissenters and so forth. a total number in the neighborhood of 11 million. this is approximately equal to the entire population of the state of louisiana times 2.5.
The Mysterious Plaques at Auschwitz - The ever declining numbers of alleged dead at Auschwitz are graphically illustrated by the plaques from the camp.

The first is the plaque that was on display at the Auschwitz camp from 1948 until 1989 and states "4 million" victims perished.

The second plaque currently on display at Auschwitz has the dramatically reduced number of victims to now only "1.5 million"...a casual reduction in the number of deaths by an incredible 2.5 million.

So, the official deaths at Auschwitz drop by a stunning 2.5 million, but the legendary overall Holocaust figure of 6,000,000 dead remains untouched and unchallenged, even though no instant replacement for the 2.5 million was ever found. ~ read more
or how about david cole a jewish holocaust investigator who visited auschwitz in 1992 to investigate the accuracy of the holocaust. mr. cole came to the conclusion that that the gas chambers could be described as "life chambers" rather than "death chambers" because they were designed to kill lice, not people. mr. cole appeared on the phil donahue talk show program in 1994; the videos of that interview are on youtube see here.

or how about the french professor robert faurisson who read over 7,000 pages of war memoirs published from 1948 to 1959 by general eisenhower, prime minister churchill and general de gaulle and could not find one word by any of them about any nazi gas chambers. professor faurisson wonders if this makes eisenhower, churchill and de gaulle holocaust revisionists (holocaust deniers) ~ source

the list of questions and inconsistencies goes on and on.

mr. peters bullies another nola blogger and demands that he criticize us and remove his link to wst... who does mr. peters think that he is to make demands on another blogger? and why does mr. peters care what or who another blogger links to? -- unless he and his handlers are desperate to suppress and control information and ideas.

by the way oyster, in case you dont have the emotional strength to stand up to this bully and tell him to go jump in a lake, theres no hard feelings. wst... only receives about 3 referrals a month from yrht, so its not like your readers follow us or will even miss a link.

mr. peters attitude is much like this zionist jew, who attacks the anti-zionist jews in an attempt to bully and terrorize them over the information they were giving out.

greg peters appears to be a mentally unstable freak with possible sexual disorders -- in other words, another mentally unstable loser that the jews are using.

the anti-zionist jews arent afraid of zionist bullies and their goyim useful idiots like greg peters and neither are we and you shouldnt be either; stand up to these bullies and their intellectual terrorism and profanity driven tirades -- this is all they can do because they know that their game is up; they have already lost.

UPDATE: greg peters responds and as expected has nothing to say except his usual silly nonsense.

UPDATE-2 another mysterious, mostly ignored nola blog called adrastos, links here. thanks for helping to spread the word about zionism!
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