15 June 2009

UPDATED HB 889 house kills karen carter peterson's cigarette and tobacco tax

louisiana healthier families act
karen carter peterson's increase convenience store smash-n-grab robberies, clerk murdering and black marketeering enhancement act of 2009
====house roll call vote
HB 889 fails to pass 45 - 55
below is a few videos of the house floor debate:

rep. rickey hardy. rep. hardy who is such a puppet he has to have someone write a not very good speech. he starts off with some nonsense about the bill being akin to a heart transplant...then reveals his demented reasoning skills in that since "our governor just handed out to the richest man in louisiana eighty-five million dollars and another fifty million to a chicken farm plant." the solution is to tax the little people a mere fifty cents on a pack of cigarettes.

in other words, its perfectly fine to give money to the wealthy elites we'll just tax the little people to make up for it.

as far as the eighty-five million to the "richest man in louisiana" - he ultimately voted for it! see HB 2 house final passage vote. the "fifty million to a chicken farm plant" - he voted for that too. see SB 283 / act 1 house final passage vote.

ruston rino hollis downs. rep. downs - the more he talks the more he exposes himself as a republican hypocrite and a fraud. if he was an honest person he would change his party affiliation to either the independent or democratic party. rep. downs wont though because hes a criminal con artist who needs that R behind his name to keep tricking the hillbillies back home.

new orleans area democrat karen carter peterson. this is her closing speech. rep. peterson deserves the person who can stand on the house floor the longest and talk the most nonsense with a straight face award.