14 June 2009

HB 626 australian redflex owns the corrupt incompetent loony looziana louisiana legislature

on thursday, 11 june 2009, the louisiana state house of representatives debated house bill no. 626 a bill about traffic / speed limits that provides for disposition of fines for certain traffic tickets.

this bill was authored by rep. hollis downs, a major rino and if being a rino isnt bad enough, rep. downs looks to be in the pocket of the australians and their redflex traffic systems redlight scamera company.

anyway, during the floor debate, rep. jeff arnold who aint no paragon of virtue himself, proposed a germane amendment -- amendment no. #4015 (333b) which would have prohibited automated traffic enforcement systems -- redlight scameras.

click here to download the complete amendment
no. #4015 (333b) two page .pdf

the vote on the motion to adopt rep. arnold's amendment failed by a lop-sided vote of 25 - 56. with 22% of the state house that couldnt be bothered to vote.

next rep. arnold proposed amendment #4044 (382) which quite reasonably would have called for a vote by the people on whether to accept or reject having australians and others monitoring them and their communities and doing who knows what with the video and pictures and data of them that they are collecting and disseminating.

click here to download one page .pdf of amendment #4044 (382)

that failed 39 - 50.

14% of the house didnt even bother to vote on whether or not their constituents could vote.

you thought that you were an american with the right to vote on issues that affect you; especially issues that affect your constitutional rights and pocket book? you have nothing. you have a bunch of crooks, an organized crime gang, that calls itself the louisiana legislature who are no respecters of the people at all.

the legislature will not give the people the right to vote -- yet they can all sit at their desks, playing pocket pool and get tricked into unanimously passing a bill that the majority of them didnt want and didnt even know what was going down.

click here to watch video of the house floor debate on HB 626
length 65:33

watch the video and learn from the house floor debate who the louisiana state house is really working for.
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