22 June 2009

city of amite and johnny duncan settle his 'racial slur citation' complaint

johnny duncan received a citation for this sign which reads "you might be a nigger!" the title of his book which the sign, displayed on the side of his automobile, was helping to advertise.

johnny duncan writes wst...:

UPDATE: New Orleans--On Thursday parties reached a settlement in this case. The terms are confidential. The defense lawyer say that it was a business decision with the City of Amite categorically denying everything or any harm to Duncan.

Duncan countered that while he worked in the Colorado Department of Corrections, he met few convicted criminals who didn't categorically deny their crimes.

It is ironic that the only way to bring attention to the discriminatory practices of this small town police department is by the use of the "n word", a term originally used by traditional white racists to denigrate black slaves.

The settlement of this case gives the Black citizens of Amite hope that they can prevail against the conditions here.

On Tuesday June 16, 2009, they met with the police department to voice complaints about the tactics and harassment of policemen.

Chief Trabona defended the officers as only doing their job. The crowd was told to pursue legal action if they felt they were illegally treated.

Little did those in attendance know that two days later Duncan would prevail in a precedent setting case against the police department for the very reasons that they were then in session.

When I was commissioned a 2LT in 1982, I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This litigation fulfills that oath, and my word remains my bond!

For details about the case, Goggle Johnny Duncan ACLU.