17 June 2009

HB 569 internet access tax fee scam shot down by senate committee

HB 569 the bill by rino bodi white to tax internet access in louisiana was deferred by the senate committee on commerce, consumer protection and international affairs.

link to the complete senate commerce committee hearing. length 01:59:54

heres a little reminder of who all in the state house voted to send this bill over to the senate.

HB 569 video of house floor debate and final passage vote
length 45:00
HB 569 house roll call vote final passage
click here to view video length 1:09

the first committee that heard HB 569 was the house commerce committee and the representative who moved to report the bill favorable was none other than ultra liberal alexandria democrat chris roy, jr.
HB 569 hearing video before the house appropriations committee.
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