30 June 2009

some louisiana reaction to rep barbara norton and hurricane chris rap concert to loony looziana legislature

the first video in the playlist is a kalb (alexandria, la) rebroadcast of a ksla (shreveport) ben wolf news report.

in it rep. norton says that since the loony looziana legislature "has always been a joke." then the performance on the state house floor by her god son -- hurricane chris, is just business as usual.
we cant argue with that reasoning! it aired near the top of their 29 june 10 pm broadcast. we couldnt find the original vid on ksla.com.

the other two videos are news reports from last week. one from ktbs (shreveport) and one from wafb (baton rouge).

"not amused by rapper in house" - sharon pleasants letter to editor, gannett/monroe news star link or download one page .pdf [13 kb]

"dear louisiana house of representatives" - kyle bove lsu daily reveille link or download two page .pdf [16 kb]
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