12 June 2009

grow your own tobacco and tell karen carter peterson; the fda and tax and spenders to go to hell

we were wondering if it was possible to grow your own tobacco and thanks to the power of google we learn that there is a place right next door in mississippi that sells tobacco seeds.

photo courtesy back forty tobacco

theres even a guy up in wisconsin who made a video about "one man's attempt to grow tobacco from seed to smoke." see back forty tobacco.

theres another site called appropriately enough coffin nails that sells seeds and has forums for backyard growers to exchange ideas and information etc..

money has no value. its just a piece of paper with no backing;

in a global depression the only things that will have real value are commodities, like booze, tobacco and dope. theres always food but lots of people will forego food for booze, tobacco and dope and those are the people that you have to look out for. so it might be advisable, whether you partake or not, to have some booze and tobacco on hand.