18 June 2009

the swine in the state capitol might have the flu!

near the end of day 32 of the 2009 regular louisiana legislative session, state representative and speaker pro tempore, karen carter peterson used a personal privilege to complain about an incident that happened to her earlier in the day when she was over in the house judiciary committee meeting where she was carrying the water for senator mike walsworth and his SB 279 incidentally a bill on emergency preparedness.

rep. peterson woz freakin cuz seated next to her was louisiana department of social services secretary, kristy nichols, who was just coffin an weezin something awful. it was a veritable "outbreak" of coffin. it was so bad, that sec'y nichols blurted out famous last words: "i dont have the swine flu."

oops not so fast .... come to find out (later in the day when the test results finally came back, although sec'y levine let it slip that they had known since that morning) sec'y nichols (and four others in dss) did (or does) have the swine flu!

this led minutes later to a suspension of the house rules to allow department of health and hospitals sec'y alan levine and doctor jimmy guidry, the state health officer of louisiana, to come on the house floor and answer some questions.

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