08 June 2009

HB 889 house ways and means committee reports nutty karen carter peterson's cigarette tax bill favorably

louisiana healthier families act
karen carter peterson's increase convenience store smash-n-grab robberies, clerk murdering and black marketeering enhancement act of 2009
the house committee on ways and means just reported HB 889 favorably by a vote of -- 8 - 7.

audio of roll call vote
apparently, there was so many watching the committee meeting's video feed we couldnt maintain a connection so we had to record the roll call vote from the audio stream.
here is how the vote went down:

on motion by representative burrell to report HB 889 favorably to which there was objection:

voting yes for the cigarette tax and to report HB 889 favorably:

damone baldone - democrat
roy burrell - democrat
**stephen carter - republican
michael danahay - democrat
**frank hoffmann - republican
avon honey - democrat
girod jackson - democrat
harold ritchie - democrat

**we guess that these two rino's didnt get the memo
bayou buzz has a slightly different version here or screen grab here.

voting no against the cigarette tax and to kill the bill:
cameron henry - republican
rickey nowlin - republican
jonathan perry - republican
jerome richard - independent
joel robideaux - independent
jane smith - republican
ricky templet - republican
so lets see we're in the middle of a global financial and economic meltdown. almost, if not, everyday we learn of businesses closing or laying off many people just right here in louisiana and the federal government is trillions of dollars in debt to people like the red chinese.

doesnt it make sense to you that if the louisiana legislature was comprised of honest, respectable people who truly gave a damn about the citizens of this state, that in these perilous times that they would be diligently working to reduce taxes and fees?

instead these criminals are steadily raising taxes and fees and creating out of thin air needless crimes to take away our freedoms with.

cant you see whats going on here? we have this bill HB 889 and HB 569 to place a tax on everyone's internet access and SB 335 to delay the stelly tax cuts -- all under the guise of the poor children -- which incidentally if they cared so much for "the children" then why did the house vote [HB 687] to take away poor children's in school dentistry?;

what these lunatics are doing is getting even with every demographic and socio-economic group -- some two or three or many more times over -- who helped to kill last years SB 672 their massive legislative pay raise fraud bill.

the louisiana legislature every last one of them is nothing but a bunch of criminals. they all should be horse whipped, tarred, feathered and run the hell out of louisiana on a rail.

then that giant phallic symbol that they all sit in and fuck us from, ought to be torn down brick by brick and thrown in the gulf of mexico.