17 June 2009

latest fraud suit against gold law firm and clients

click here to download ten page .pdf [3.1 mb]

another potential organized crime gang involving the gold weems law firm identified?

charlene h. gates and faye g. hinton vs james graves theus, jr. and anna smith theus; the termite company llc, dick chance - chance inspection services; gold weems bruser sues and rundell and robert g. nida.

sources tell wst... that charlene h. gates, age 68 is former wife of former city attorney howard nugent. faye hinton is 93.

we see one small problem with the suit - it's assigned to division "g" which according to the ninth judicial district court website is judge harry randow's court. judge randow has a history of covering up for the gold weems law firm. whats more, sources inform wst... that sara dantzler at gold weems was judge harry randow's law clerk.