02 October 2010

02 october 2010 election returns





election returns from the sec'y of state website:

UPDATE: 8:44 pm -- some of these pages have crashed and/or slow to respond.

9:09 pm
sec'y of state website is still slow.

9:16 pm sec'y of state website showing jacques roy opening at 79% roosevelt johnson 12% in absentees

9:51 pm gannett/the town talk: roy appears headed for re-election in alexandria mayor's race
rapides parish

all other parishes

state wide

congressional la-03 downer v landry

main page: http://staticresults.sos.louisiana.gov/

graphical and live streaming
gannett/the town talk election results updated

kalb tv-5 nbc alexandria: october 2 election results
la sec'y of state:
polls are open until 8:00 pm cdt so be sure and get out and vote. we will update with the lieutenant governor and some local results after then.


UPDATE: 1:33 pm here is our ballot. we were trying something different and the video quality didnt come out that high.

we first got the idea to video document our ballot casting due to last months historic libertarian party primary.

we voted for randall todd hayes -- the anti-politician and federal senate candidate in the libertarian party primary and wanted to make sure that it was documented. for obvious reasons.

we were in some ways disappointed and other ways relieved when, later, we checked our precinct vote count and found that it had registered at least one ballot for mr. hayes. our video had came out horrible and wouldnt have been good for anything. apparently, this is going to be a trial-and-error thing.

we still dont trust electronic voting machines and still call on the state of louisiana to get rid of them and go back to paper ballots.

anyway, we went ahead and voted for sammy kershaw for lieutenant governor. it was pawpaw's house that clinched it for us. besides, there were no "no party" or other party candidates in the race and we've voted for jim crowley before.

after we looked them up we voted against the two constitutional amendments like mr. forgotston suggested.

the screen isnt big enough so you couldnt see the school board race, but in that one, we voted for the incumbent e.l. paulk. we voted for him because we havent heard anything "bad" about him + he was the only candidate to personally appear at our door and ask for it. he wasnt afraid of sha nay-nay either.
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