27 October 2010

caroline fayard the talk on the bayou interview

caroline fayard is a candidate for lieutenant governor of louisiana on the tuesday, 02 november 2010 ballot.

this morning around 11:05 am ms. fayard was campaigning down the bayou when she stopped by for an in studio interview by the klrz "talk on the bayou" program.

among the subjects ms. fayard touched on were:
(1) in reply to a caller who asked "how can a candidate admire a president who on tee-vee cheated on his wife?" like ms. fayard and the program host we assumed the caller was on about bill clinton, but after listening to that part again we're not so sure. anyway, ms. fayard said: "when it comes to social issues and morality i am in no means in favor of hurting families and being embarrassing." she said that "it was certainly very damaging to me to see that (between the clintons) happen."

(2) said that obamacare is "a scary proposition" and that there "is a lot we dont understand about it." ms. fayard also supports the attorneys general lawsuit against it and said that she thinks that its well within the rights of the attorneys general to file suit.


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