06 October 2010

sammy hanna says bank on it! jay dardenne will be elected lieutenant governor

"assuming some unforeseen scandal does not break between now and election day"

hmmm mmkay. remember this is the nutter who endorsed caligula over the marquis de sade.

speaking of sammy's -- it looks like sammy kershaw is all in for the republican party. jay dardenne and kershaw's camp have sent out media advisories in advance of their joint news conference at lafayette, la., 10 am.thursday.

nola.com reports:

The news conference is expected to result in Kershaw's endorsement of Dardenne, but neither camp would confirm that an endorsement is imminent. ~ source
we still think that mr. kershaw should disown the republican party and run for state representative next year as a no party candidate.

if indeed it turns out that mr. kershaw endorses jay dardenne in the morning -- if he's planning on staying in the republican party he would just about have to, we wont hold it against him. but if he does we'll never vote for him again.
UPDATE 11:49 am cdt thursday 07 october 2010 via: the advocate capitol news bureau