16 October 2010

developing on my bossier: incumbent shreveport mayoral candidate cedric glover funny fundraising

apparently, someone took the time to investigate the background of some reelect cedric glover mayor of shreveport, la. campaign fund contributors from the 02 october 2010 disclosure filing and discovered that several of them who were listed as contributing thousands of dollars reside in section 8 housing.

"this means" according to my bossier that section 8 residents "have a good part of their rent paid by a government housing program because they have certified that they do not have enough income to pay rent on their own."

which begs the obvious questions of did they really give their own money or were they merely conduits from the real campaign financier and if so who is it? see couple living in section 8 housing donates $5,000 to glover campaign.

in a subsequent posting my bossier reveals:

On October 4th, the Glover campaign filed a new disclosure form to supersede the Oct 2nd filing. In this one, the names of the Harveys and Theresa May and one other person had been removed and other names put in – to equal the same amount as the first report. ~ read more