06 October 2010

louisiana drought 2010

its dry. it hasnt been this dry since the 1998 - 2000 drought. back then it took two years to get this dry; whereas, now its only taken a couple of months to get to that level. or something.

during the gustav "event" we never could have envisioned it being so dry ever again.

anyway, today, we set out to see if we could locate miss bone stripper and her brood. in the '98 - '00 drought all the alligators that were around moved away. its only been in the past couple of years that any number have returned.

fortunately, it didnt take that long to find her; and we were thankful to hear at least some of her hatchlings chirping. that was a good sign. in the first vid you might can hear one but there is a bird in there too.

you can see how dry it is -- where she is laying at today is in the exact same spot where we photographed her back in april.

the first vid the wind was pretty still so there isnt much wind disturbance and you can hear insects.

in the second vid the wind had picked up so there is some wind disturbance. but its not too bad, at around 1:17 miss bone stripper gives us some sexy winks and a lil wiggle before settling back in.

the little water remaining is all covered-over in some sort of green plant growth. its likely stagnant too. pray for rain.

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