29 October 2010

caroline fayard: entrenched louisiana political corruption part of la "rebranding problem"

caroline fayard one of two candidates for louisiana lieutenant governor on this coming tuesday, 02 november 2010 ballot, was in studio, live, in lafayette, la around 7:25 this morning. ms. fayard was on the news radio 96.5 kpel morning show.

although ms. fayard didnt touch upon her um obamacare faux pas from the league of women voters of baton rouge, la. debate of 22 october 2010 -- she did mention a few times about how all the political, governmental and judicial corruption are major problems in louisiana needing to be addressed.

the gist of ms. fayard's remarks that we got anyway was that it doesnt matter what kind of good job the lt governor does in promoting the state -- if the police and underlying government -- state, local, city, parish, whatever are corrupt then honest respectable people will continue to shun louisiana.

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