25 October 2010

true torah jews make make ad buy on three major new york radio stations

Oct 15, 2010

The following ad is scheduled to run several times (Oct. 17-22) on three New York radio stations: 1010 WINS, 770 WABC and 710 WOR.

This message is brought to you by True Torah Jews, an international organization of hundreds of thousands of Torah-abiding Jews.

As the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks continue, the leaders of the Israeli government would like to claim Jewish identity for the State of Israel.

It is our belief that the State of Israel is not a Jewish state; it is a Zionist state.

It is our view that ever since Jews were sent into exile by Heavenly decree, Jews were permitted to live in all parts of the world, including the Holy Land, but only without Jewish sovereignty.

In our view, the coalition of the Israeli government, both secular and religious, represent only themselves.

They do not speak in the name of the Jewish people or the Jewish religion.

Our message to the Israeli government is clear: the Jewish people have paid far too much to allow you to claim Jewish identity for the State of Israel.

To find out more about the Torah opinion on the Middle Eastern situation, visit www.truetorahjews.com. That's www.truetorahjews.com.

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