30 October 2010

jay dardenne & caroline fayard on wist talk radio

we logged on to metairie, louisiana's wist talk radio am 690 a little after one pm. caroline fayard a candidate for lt. governor was scheduled to be on mitch gibbs "the world according to gibbs" program around 1:15.

we started recording right away because we werent sure that we would be by the computer when ms. fayard was on -- it being such a bee-you-tee-full day n shit.

we're glad we did too, when we were surprised to learn jay dardenne had an interview immediately preceding ms. fayard and we had caught it.

so we got two for the price of one and didnt even have to edit anything. wist & mitch gibbs rock.

after some sports talk by mr. gibbs about the new orleans hornets, who are 2 - 0 and on the road tonight against san antonio (UPDATE: the hornets won. 99 - 90);

jay dardenne is on at 5:45 and caroline fayard from 18:22. unfortunately, ms. fayard who was phoning from palmetto island state park had a few drops in her mobile fone service.


link to audio download page