11 October 2010

blogger to candidates: address louisiana judicial corruption & stop insulting our intelligence

By Law and Grace, Inc.:

RE: David Vitter ad slammed as racist by advocates for immigrants
By: Jonathan Tilove
Times-Picayune @ nola.com
If David Vitter's campaign ads would more closely address and resemble the issues facing Louisiana, he would fare a whole lot better!

We have SO MANY Louisiana problems which need addressing, Vitter could help undecided voters --including me, to better ascertain what he intends to do about them!

Whether or not David Vitter dislikes people based upon the color of their skin, his pattern of operation demonstrates that he favors the ELITE class of people --to the unfair and unjust disadvantage of others (probably including immigrants, and not all Blacks --as I feel sure he has his 'tokens').

His pattern of conduct indicates that he thinks he has superior thinking skills to his audience by showing TV ads that talk about what Charle Melancon did or did not do for or with President Obama.

I don't give a flip about hearing Vitter's SAME STUPID OKEY DOKEY talk.

I PREFER to know which of the ISSUES & CONDITIONS affecting every day / non-elite people Vitter intends to address!

I have a grasp on what he does to make things better for the rich and powerful, but they are not the only residents of Louisiana --and many of them are getting old, and some are or will be indicted.

It is aggravating to hear Vitter on the television, Melancon, and others --but especially Vitter because he does it ALL THE TIME, continuing to talk about what is least significant in these crucial economic times!

I could have better respect for Vitter if he had better respect for his listening audience and talked about the issues of Louisiana which desperately need answers since not everyone is interested in pleasuring him or her self, or going hunting, and other gratifying things while being worried about economic conditions.

I AM FAIRLY CERTAIN that I never hear Vitter say anything those things because he does not intend to do anything.

I don't know if I want to vote for Melancon, but the jejune finger pointing at Melancon rather than concrete discussion of the issues wastes my time!

I am trying to give Vitter the benefit of the doubt since I against any politician who engineers judicial benches to be filled with inept and corrupt State as well as Federal judges; and who underhandedly influences appointments of U.S. attorneys!!!

I am further against politicians who pleasure themselves with travel and life's finest while their fellow-citizens endure constant ravages of crime and corruption, with no end in sight; and while their cronies receive slaps on their wrists when their acts of corruption can no longer be whitewashed.

Those are some of the issues for which Louisiana has needed answers for a very long time!

I reiterate my assertion that nearly every social problem in Louisiana can be linked to when controversies require judicial remedies and no other choice except face judges --whom, being friends and giving the best gifts or doing favors for judges ensures good outcomes.

And although there are many intelligent attorneys here, it does not require intelligence nor knowledge of the law, nor even submitting lawful grounds to become granted favorable rulings by certain judges, say for example, Ivan Lemelle and Kurt Engelhardt.

Now, since there seems to be changes in the way comments become posted here at nola.com (particularly for Vitter and his worshipers) here is what I'm posting throughout the Internet:
Now is a good time for election candidates to be talking about solutions for the LOUISIANA CORRUPTION TITANIC rather than each other.

What REALLY is wrong with Louisiana is inept and / or corrupt judicial and U.S. Attorney in positions, that were mainly orchestrated by political placement power!

The justices’ abuses are EASILY PROVABLE by looking at Louisiana real estate / mortgage illegalities, and facilitating court judges.

Thankfully, FORECLOSURE FRAUD has center stage in the national media.

The light will shine brighter in this judicial corruption that has been hiding in plain sight here in Louisiana –and directly linked to Louisiana’ blighted communities \ commercial and residential frauds \ insultingly blatant Bankruptcy lawlessness \ illegal evictions \ unjust homelessness \ disintegrated households \ poverty \ violence \ joblessness \ substance abuse, etc. (Of course, I have approached lawmakers –to no avail– with suggestions, only to incur severe reprisals. And, an option does not exist for me to retreat from doing what I believe is right, nor moving away from loved ones.

Presently –from Judge Thomas Porteous’ impeachment trial, testimonies about the “Louisiana Way” of giving gifts (bribes) and doing ‘favors’ for judges– members of Congress have more than ample information which makes it silly to impeach Porteous and disregard Louisiana in-your-face lawlessness.

Foreclosure fraud has now been explained so clearly, even a child can understand that some people have indeed been illegally tossed from their homes, it will not be hard to detect the unlawful foreclosures that occurred here –especially the illegal foreclosure that unjustly caused people to be Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita exiled from their homes (but their neighbors erroneously blame them for blight).

In fact, a mere GLANCE at Louisiana fraudulent property transactions surrounding Freddie Mac, Wells Fargo, and certain foreclosure mills here –supplies additional reasons for Capitol Hill to probe Louisiana.

**The current congress members who represent Louisiana have done zilch about decades of PRIMA FACIE foreclosure and mortgage fraud!

To reiterate: David Vitter, Charlie Melancon, and other candidates: You have the opportunity to show worthiness of people’s votes by not insulting our intelligence with finger-pointing at each other, but by talking about your plans for addressing the LOUISIANA CORRUPTION TITANIC; it seems headed underwater with all of us on board.
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