15 July 2010

the autograph interview: thomas e. woods author of nullification: how to resist federal tyranny in the 21st century

outstanding interview with author and historian thomas e. woods, jr., about his recently released book "nullification: how to resist federal tyranny in the 21st century."

woods' believes that citizen's across the united states are fed up with politicians in washington telling them how to life their life and then sticking them with the bill.

he explains to his readers that nullification allows states to reject unconstitutional federal laws. for many, nullification is rapidly becoming the only way to stop an overreaching government drunk on power.

from privacy to national health care woods shows how this growing and popular movement is sweeping.
mr. woods explains that the war for independence was about each colony wanting to be a self-governing society but the british government wasnt allowing that.

so when they established their own government they didnt want to undermine the states self-governing society -- that was the whole point in breaking with britain. so in the u.s. constitution, in 1791 there were ten amendments added to it known as the "bill of rights."

the tenth amendment says that any power that the states, when they created the federal government, any power that the states did not delegate to that government remains with them.

so any power that's not mentioned in the constitution is presumed to rest with the states. well nullification simply derives from this point.

the further point and it was thomas jefferson who really codified this idea: that if the federal government does try to exercise power that's not listed in the constitution and that rests with the states, if it does go beyond its constitutional boundaries, then the states would be bound to resist this act of the federal government and therefore within its borders the state would nullify that act.

mr. woods says that this is hardly known among the american population and he would be surprised if you found that even 1% of the population knew all of this -- it would be amazing.

mr. woods says that the idea of nullification is not a popular one. most americans have not even heard of it. but any time you emphasize anything involving the states and the powers of the states american students; school children, have been taught to believe that anybody advocating this -- must have sinister intentions;

that the only reason you could advocate this is that you want to use these powers of the state to oppress minorities and so forth.