18 July 2010

"holocaust survivor" speaks out against criminal jews and israel

"they (israel) treat them (palestinians) like vermin, they talk about them in terms -- like for instance, the chief of staff of the israeli army recently said the palestinians, 'are a cancerous growth.' that type of talking is exactly like nazi talk. that's what was said about me when i was a jewish boy in germany under the nazis.

when the nazis gassed the jews the world was silent. now, the world is silent while the jews, or the israelis harass, humiliate, destroy and steal away land from the palestinians and the world is silent.

and i want to awake the world because any criticism of the policies of israel is hampered and made impossible by a terrible trick and crime of israeli propaganda that any criticism on the politics of israel comes out is induced by anti-semitic feelings.

and our main purpose is to show to the world that we are jews and we are conscience jews and we want to show that you must criticize israel if you at all want anything good for the jews in the world because what israel is doing is destroying the jewish world and the jewish heritage."

~ hajo meyer "holocaust survivor"
so what are you doing to speak out against the criminal jews and the racist, apartheid, genocidal state of israel?
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