29 July 2010

FLASHBACK: chet traylor honored by joint session of loony looziana legislature

immediately following louisiana supreme court chief justice, catherine d. kimball's 28 april 2009, address to the states finest collection of freaks, perverts and criminals masquerading as the joint session of the louisiana legislature, about -- of all things "the state of the judiciary," retiring associate justice, chet traylor was personally recognized by them for honor.

we watched the whole thing live ... if only we knew then what's been reported lately. we would have loved to have been a fly-on-the-wall. our eyes would have been fixed on state representative noble ellington and his posse. what was he thinking? what was he saying during all this?

part of their suspension of the rules was to waive calling the roll, so we dont know for sure that he was even present.

chet traylor went ahead and retired from the supreme court and resurfaced earlier this month when he "unexpectedly" qualified to run against the incumbent david vitter for the republican party senatorial nomination in next month's primary.

mr. traylor is said to be the same politically with senator vitter which means that he is a totally safe candidate. we can expect traylor, if elected, to carry on supporting unconstitutional, laws as well as the illegal and immoral wars america finds itself in today -- just like treasonous, traitorous rat and subversive rhodes scholar david vitter. we can also expect mr. traylor if elected to support sending american kids to die for israel in iran.
mr. traylor's supposed calling card was that he was the hi-moral choice. except that not long after he qualified the gannett/monroe news star printed a report u.s. senate candidate chet traylor says he's done nothing unethical in his personal conduct.

from this we learn that mr. traylor has been accused of having affairs with two married women. one of the women was the wife of current state representative noble ellington. the other one is his step-daughter-in-law.

you'll just have to read the story or google it.

no honor among thieves
the thing is that all those freaks, perverts and criminals sitting in the house chamber that april day - they all knew all this was going on. yet not one spoke out to say 'hey this isnt right, traylor was messing with our colleagues wife (or family) we shouldnt be honoring him.'