26 July 2010

"wikileaks" ... scam being used to expand war in pakistan

kenny's sideshow:

WikiLeaks 'partners' NY Times and The Guardian point the finger at Pakistan

Could the leaks be used to expand the war in Pakistan? Another 'never waste an opportunity' moment? The MSM is playing up this point. Will the American people ever say 'enough is enough?'

Afghanistan war logs: Clandestine aid for Taliban bears Pakistan's fingerprints

Pakistan Aids Insurgency in Afghanistan, Reports Assert

The leaks portray Gen. Hamid Gul, former head of the ISI, as a major player in aiding the insurgency against the U.S. and NATO forces.

Hamid Gul Response to WikiLeaks Allegations

Afghanistan The War Logs - Guardian

The War Logs - NY Times

Explosive Leaks Provide Image of War from Those Fighting It - Der Spiegel

UPDATE: john young of cryptome.org suspects a scam too..
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