16 July 2010

lenny kravitz

the other day we followed a link "lenny kravitz pitches in to protect the gulf..." from the dead pelican.

lenny kravitz was pretty popular back in the day;. plus how could you not admire a guy who (back when she was fine) dated; then married lisa bonet?

here is a vid clip of mr. kravitz and zoe (his daughter with ms. bonet) recently getting tattoos together in new orleans. how sweet!

as many know mr. kravitz's mother was roxie roker. she played helen willis on the jeffersons tee vee sit-com program. george jefferson (sherman hemsley) and his antics were always a hoot.

anyway, we landed at the cbs news report thinking this would be another generic story of a celebrity who had come or moved to new orleans since katrina or due to the deepwater horizon oil catastrophe because in those circles it's the fashionable thing to do.

instead, we learned that mr. kravitz has actually lived at new orleans since 1993.


"fly away"
live rock in rio 2008
lisboa, portugal
yeah, yeah, yeah
"are you gonna go my way?"
live rock in rio 2008
we must engage and rearrange
and turn this planet back to one
guns n roses & lenny kravitz
"always on the run"
use your illusion tour 1992
paris, france
... but i'm always on the run ...
"let love rule"
love is gentle as a rose
and love can conquer any war
it's time to take a stand
brothers and sisters join hands
lenny kravitz crashes the voice of praise choir in new orleans
june 2010
"fly away"
"i was just sitting up on a terrace having a drink and i hear some strange music..."
(one question - if this is a legitimate praise choir then why are they playing the "devil's music"?)
"it ain't over till it's over"
how many times did we give up but we always worked things out
studio version