09 July 2010

Alan Levine Secretary of DHH QUITS

dhh internal email obtained by wst... why do we have to have jews running the department of health & hospitals?

with this criminal's help, louisiana got a mandatory water fluoridation bill (SB 312) signed into law by that weasel piyush "bobby" jindal. the bill was authored by corrupt criminal lake charles democratic state senator willie landry mount and was pushed through the state house by monroe rino kay "bucket of bolts" katz.

Good afternoon.

Well, as many of you may have heard by now, I have announced my decision to step down as Secretary of the Department of Health and Hospitals. This was a tough decision for me to make, but the right one for me and my family.

When I got to Baton Rouge in January, 2008, I was welcomed to Louisiana with open arms and treated as though I was family. A day hasn’t gone by when I have not met someone new who made me laugh, or be in awe at their story. Louisiana is a treasure and a state I’m proud to call my adopted home.

We have been through a Mississippi river flood, an oil spill in the Mississippi, two major hurricanes, a worldwide pandemic, major gas explosions in North Louisiana and a series of financial challenges unparalleled in state history. And that’s just in the last two years. Now, we have an oil spill we have been on the front lines of fighting. And in each case, DHH has responded with a professional urgency I am proud of. People are safer because DHH was effective.

We have pushed for many reforms. The legislature passed most of them. I know everyone at DHH doesn’t agree with positions I have taken, and in fact, some may have passionately disagreed. I will tell you that criticism is an essential part of governing, and I’m grateful to those of you who have given me constructive advice and criticism with the goal of helping us make better decisions. The reforms we pushed for, I believe, are essential to the future of Louisiana, particularly given what will be ongoing financial challenges that will last for several years. We must be smaller, more agile, and continue finding ways to deliver services cost effectively.

I’m proud of the progress we have made related to our children. We have continued to lead the nation in insuring children, and we have moved from 48th in the nation in child immunization to #2 in the nation. This has impacted our overall health ranking. It’s something everyone at DHH should be proud of.

I want to thank all of you for the commitment you make to our mission every day. I know you believe in it, and it’s a blessing to be able to serve. I am someone who believes in prayer, and I promise you I will pray for your success because so many people depend on it.

Your new Secretary, Bruce Greenstein, is the right guy for the job. He will be moving here from Washington State, where he currently serves as the Worldwide director of health care for Microsoft. He has worked at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and for the GAO. So, he has a great track record of public and private service. He’s got integrity, and I’m so glad he was willing to serve.

I will be here until August 1. At that time, Tony Keck will be the acting secretary until Bruce arrives September 13.

For those of you who are die hard LSU fans, today, I’m wearing my LSU tie as a tribute to those of you who have had some fun with me over the last couple of years. But rest assured, on October 9, 2010, in Gainesville, I will be wearing Orange and Blue! But know that that game will always be special to me, as it will remind me of the great people I have met, and friends I have made in the great state of Louisiana.

Thank you!