23 July 2010

too many black mayoral candidates may give race to roy

while we of course share with mr. ford a passion to drive out the roy regime, he's written a troubling column in the most recent issue of the light; finding fault with unnamed persons he suspects of running for office impulsively -- even pausing to muse:

"that one or more of the black candidates may have received something under the table to enter the race. of course, i have no evidence of this thought, but it is certainly not farfetched as blacks have always been paid to split the black vote."
mr. ford calls on some or perhaps all but one of the black candidates to withdraw so that voters may coalesce behind one -- then ends his column in a twist.

view the 15 - 30 july issue of the light from everythingcenla.com or click here to download our copy. twelve page .pdf [15.3 mb].

all we know to do is to say do not vote for roosevelt johnson - he is a puppet for sure.