10 July 2010

blogosphere: winn parish sheriff a.d. "bodie" little in a shoot out

UPDATE kalb: louisiana attorney general raids winn parish sheriff a.d. bodie little office and residence:


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Thursday Jul 8

Did anyone hear about the shoot out today with Bodie and a Holme's guy?


well, why on earth would bodie be shooting at someone? what did this guy do? did bodie finally catch him or did he kill him with the gunshot? I saw bodie this morning, he didn't seem to have any injuries. what happened to the truck?
i seen it all

Let me explain what happened the other day, Bodie and his main man james hayword, they were in an unmarked unit in plane clothes, they pull into Auto Zone where the boy they had a warrant was sitting in his vehicle, they both exit the vehicle, bodie walks up and puts a gun to the boys head (now remember he is in plain clothes and did not tell him they were deputies), the boy throws his vehicle into gear and slings bodie across the road. well they get into pursuit of the vehicle (once again in an unmarked units), james hayword catches up to the vehicle and runs his unmarked truck into the rear of the vehicle, being that hayword is a fatass out of shape deputy that has no law enforcement training begans to purse the boy on foot for about 20 or 30 feet, and then fires a warning shot into the ground, the boy keeps running until chuck curry catches him a block away..and for all of you who don't know you do not have to stop for an unmarked unit, and if they don't tell you they are the police or a deputy and then show you identifcation dont tell them shit...sorry for all the misspelled words i hope yall can understand
no paper

Why hasn't this been in some area papers, like the Alexandria Town Talk, or Monroe paper? Probably will be overlooked in the next Winn paper too. Thankfully we have Topix so everything that goes on in that Sheriff's dept. can't be hidden form the citizens.


Sunday Jul 4

IRS files tax lien against assessor's office in the amount of $64,693.28.

Does anyone know the details on this?

Where did you find this information?
In 2009, the new assessor found an estimated $33,000 outstanding owed the IRS. Nevils found the office to be about $77,521.33 short as a result of nonpayment of federal and state withholding for income taxes, contribution to the state retirement system and the state deferred compensation
plan.This happened while Bodie Little was assessor.

Someone sure is protecting Little. That's why i consider all politicians criminals.

law wrote: where did you find this information?

Winn Parish Legal News for June 15-28. Must be on file at local clerk of court.