28 July 2010

UPDATED obama care flow chart

Obamacare Flow Chart
we cant help but wonder how many coffee's it took for whoever to figure this mess out.

UPDATED 4:28 pm CDT wednesday 28 july 2010

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our new bff, ericka anderson, with the house republican's something-or-other, wrote to alert us that congressman kevin brady would be hosting a live blogger / reporter conference call this afternoon to explain the above obama care flow chart..

it was released to the public this morning around 9:30 am cdt.

it seems that congressman brady has some notoriety in the obama care health care bill flow chart biz.

anyway, the conference call was scheduled for 12:15 pm cdt today which left us very little time to prepare.
(like that would have made a difference).

we really didnt know what to expect as we had never done anything like this before and it turned out to be for what it was worth a pleasant experience.

congressman brady explained that the obama care flow chart is an official government document. you can quote from it with authority. post it to your blog or website and even print it out and pass it around as well as take with to confront your congressman over the information it contains.

congressman brady says the obama care flow chart was meticulously compiled over the past four months by the minority staff analyzing and charting all 2,801 pages of the two bills that became law.

that analysis as seen from this chart illustrates the government takeover of 1/6th of the economy. it captures (1) the mass expansion of government and (2) the bewilderingly overwhelming complexity of health care now.

going over the chart everything in color is newly added by the bill(s) except for the health and human services sec'y. hhs sec'y is in color because that person and their authority has been expanded beyond belief -- everything goes through the hhs sec'y -- they are the hub of health care reform -- the new health care czar.

there is 2,200 references in the bill(s) to this person and they will have 600 new authorities in law under this health care bill.

everything in dark blue which you will see above and to the left of the sec'y of health and human services is an expansion of existing government.

everything in orange are the agencies with the power to ration health care in the future. that's the patients centered outcomes institute and the independent payments advisory board.

in the bottom left hand corner are the physicians and at the far right are the patients and in between the doctors and patients are 159 new bureaucracies, programs, boards and regulatory systems.

the boxes in green -- are the new taxes, fees, penalties and medicare cuts -- over a trillion dollars of them which fund this mass new program.

the yellow boxes -- are specific mandates such as the 17 new mandates on insurance.

the new law is so complex that they couldnt get it all onto one page. this flow chart only captures about 1/3 of all the new bureaucracies -- so in the chart you will see tricolored boxes and triangles. they have blue, green and rust colored with a number on them -- these are what are called "bundles of bureaucracies" if they were a computer screen and you touched on them they would pop up. for example: there's a bundle that has 59 -- that hide 59 additional grant programs. another that hides 22 additional bureaucracies and so forth.

you've got up in the far right corner not far from the irs, are the 19 special interest provisions, everything from katrina mary landrieu snellings' the louisiana purchase to five sweetheart deals for the labor unions.

the lines are on there because the law is incredibly complex and it outlines new reporting, oversight, money flows, structural connections that have never existed before.

in the digital copy of the chart, embedded in every one of those lines is the statute in the law that references it.

click here to download our copy. one page .pdf [876 kb].

or from official .gov government link:

everything that's outlined in this chart has been changed by the bill(s).

total cost: 2.6 trillion dollars over the first full 10 years of implementation.


the only editing that we did on this audio file was to remove the full names of all the callers.

our question for congressman brady was about speaker pelosi, the commerce clause, wickard v filburn and nullification so you wont want to miss that.