20 July 2010

the tea party of louisiana is rethuglican controlled garbage

from la newslink via the dead pelican we learn that "the tea party of louisiana," has endorsed louisiana gop chairman, roger villere for lieutenant governor. what a freaking joke!

villere is the worst excuse for (1) a gop party boss and (2) a republican. he's been working for years to destroy the republican party.

also notice at the bottom in the commentary, whoever posts the la newslinks site wrote, that "last week, the tea party of louisiana endorsed congressman bill cassidy for re-election." this is even more evidence that "the tea party of louisiana is nothing more than rethuglican controlled opposition.

did you know that quack doctor bill cassidy last year voted for the federal hate crimes bill? this bill will eventually make (among other things) preaching from the king james bible a "hate crime." last year cassidy also voted for barky's "give act."

cassidy in 2008 as a state senator played a major role in getting passed SB 312 the louisiana mandatory water fluoridation bill. this was the bill authored by corrupt criminal lake charles democratic state senator willie landry mount and pushed through the state house by monroe criminal rino kay "bucket of bolts" katz.

anyone of these votes by cassidy is all anyone with any level of common sense would need to understand that cassidy is a rino and that cassidy is garbage.

leave the tea party of louisiana now. dont have anything to do with any tea party that is endorsing or promoting any republican politicians and/or that has republican speakers like sarah palin and newt['s a hoot] gingrich.

for all we know this tea party mess was set up by the criminal network to get a list of names of potential "disgruntled americans" (read: domestic terrorists) together.

also notice how you cant find any information from off its website exactly who is behind this mysterious group.

we can see that they already are working with the republicans. if they will work with that bunch of crooks they will work with anyone.

are louisianaians ever going to grow tired of being raped like a retarded girl over and over again?
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