16 November 2006

110 year old lobster sacrificed to the god of consumerism

via www.thedeadpelican.com

heres a story that we find a bit disturbing. no we're not animal rights activists, we're not vegetarians either. theres nothing wrong with eating meat and we've even ate lobster ourselves a time or two.

according to this advocate story (see link) its estimated that the lobster "chelsea" was at least 110 years old. that would put it born, hatched or however lobsters are birthed sometime in

grover cleveland was the president of the united states. our own grandfather, a precocious six year old was starting out on his lifelong adventure of traipsing through the woods and swamps of north rapides parish, louisiana. our grandmother, at one, was taking her first wobbly steps. also, that year on 04 january, utah was admitted as the 45th state of the united states.

in rome, pope leo xiii née gioacchino vincenzo raffaele luigi, sat upon the throne of saint peter. in england, alexandrina victoria, all in black, presided over the court of st. james's.

at athens, greece, on 06 april, the opening ceremonies of the summer olympics officially known as the '
games of the I olympiad' because they were the first games of the modern olympics. the roman emperor theodosius i banned the games in 393 a.d.

so let us assume that chelsea was born that day, for it certainly had the spirit of an olympian. from monday 06 april 1896 until tuesday 14 november 2006 is 40,398 days. 40,398 days of living and weaving and dodging predators, except for in the end the most cunning predator of all.

chelsea lived through the entire 20th century only to wind up being paraded around a restaurant in some modern bizarre death ritual.

oh but 'chelsea' "got a star’s treatment at the restaurant, complete with an entry behind servers waving flashing sparklers while it sat atop a rolling cart decorated with a black tablecloth, cilantro, lemons and peppers."

a century of history wiped out in an instant to satisfy a selfish consumer who quipped to a waitress one day, that she would like to have a 20-pound lobster for her 28th birthday.

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