14 November 2006

sec'y john kennedy on the lra & road home

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this morning the moon griffon program's ruth ulrich interviewed louisiana state treasurer john kennedy about the louisiana recovery authority and the road home program. according to sec'y kennedy, since 30 december last year (2005) the state of louisiana has had 6.2 billion dollars [4.8 billion eur] cash sitting in an account in washington d.c. this was the amount of money that congress appropriated for the people of louisiana in community development block grant money. cash to be used for recovery. sec'y kennedy said that 123,000 homeowners lost their homes and that he "disagree respectfully" with the governor on her decision to do nothing with the 6.2 billion dollars. kennedy says that we didnt put any "apparatus" in place to deliver the money to the ones who need it.

sec'y kennedy rejects the idea that hud is holding up the disbursement of the money. kennedy says that mississippi submitted a plan to hud back in march on a friday and their plan was approved (by hud) the following tuesday. kennedy says hud has "been anxious" to get this money to louisiana. also according to kennedy congress added another 4 billion [3.1 billion eur] to the original 6.2 billion.

republican spam meister jeff crouere writes in a recent bayou buzz column here that a "grand total of 26 people have received their cash settlements from the Louisiana Recovery Authority. This is out of a total of 123,000 potential applicants." and tonight we learn via www.thedeadpelican.com that governor Blanco frustrated with pace of grant awards in Road Home program well imagine that.

kennedy says there were errors in judgement made such as not spending the 6.2 billion dollars. also the lra hired a group out of virginia, icf. we are paying them 650 million dollars to administer this money. kennedy says that the icf folks are nice people but they arent getting the job done and the governor needs to fire them. we agree.

kennedy says that he doesnt know that much about icf other than that they were selected in may . they were not selected in a public meeting it was all done privatel read secretly.

sec'y kennedy said that he "strongly encouraged" the governor to use the louisiana housing finance agency to disburse the money. the louisiana housing finance agency is an agency already set up in state government which distributes housing money every day. we didnt need to reinvent the wheel kennedy said.

so lets take a look at icf. when you look at the people behind icf you begin to find that a lot, not all ,but a lot of them are all connected somehow either by previous employment and so forth to homeland insecurity and to the defense industry. hmmmm.

so why all the secrecy in selecting this company? why did the state of louisiana choose a foreign corporation to manage these funds when we have a state agency with similar experience? was the governor forced or blackmailed by the bush regime into choosing this company? is icf a brewster jennings & associates type cia front company so that the bush crime family can receive their cut of all these billions? why isnt anyone investigating this?

anyway, listen to the interview and find out sec'y kennedy's plans to run for governor and the several interesting callers.

icf executive leadership webpage
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