06 November 2006

town talk capitulates to bloggers

finally, after the town talks (and other local media: you know who you are) silence regarding the ball, louisiana mayor, roy hebron waterline ethics scandal being spotlighted on mainly central la politics, cenlamar and this blog, we noticed that yesterday (sunday 05 november 2006) the town talk published an article by robert morgan titled "ethics hearing set for ball town mayor"

town talk snip:
BATON ROUGE -- The State Board of Ethics voted at its October meeting to hold a hearing Feb. 8, 2007, "for the purpose of exploring charges" that Ball Mayor Roy Hebron violated the Code of Ethics for Elected Officials in 2004.

The charges stem from an incident in early 2004 when a water line was laid by Water Works District No. 3 employees to the lot where Hebron was building a house.

Hebron's lot was located on a road off of Dryden Lane where district employees were upgrading an existing water line by replacing 2,500 feet of two-inch line with six-inch line.
central la politics snip:
Town Talk Finally Reports News of Roy Hebron's Ethics Hearing

After numerous emails to various editors of the Town Talk, and reporter Robert Morgan, on Sunday November 5, 2006, that paper finally reported the State Ethics Board announcement of September, 2006. Probably they were embarassed into so reporting, only after they had been accused of covering the matter up in political blogs all over the state.

Reporter Robert Mogan did get quotes from Hebron's attorney, Henry Lemoine, however, who had feeble attempts to play the matter down. "The whole thing is about a public official who just happened to be building a house and he asked for water to be provided, which is something the (water works) district did for everyone," said Henry
Lemoine, Hebron's attorney." That is not true, and Henry knows it. Nobody else in the District has a 4 inch line run at public expense totally across private property and only serving one house, as Roy got from the District. Henry went on to mistate the facts when he said...
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