13 November 2006

christopher tidmore's new gig

**updated** wednesday 11 july 2007 latest christopher tidmore information:
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we received the following email from christopher tidmore this morning:

As of 5 am this morning, WRNO 99.5 FM New Orleans become the region's newest news/talk alternative.

With yours truly, Christopher Tidmore as Senior Reporter, thenew995fm.com launched. On the air and on the web, this news organization makes the firm commitment to the rebuilding of New Orleans. This is the first fully FM talk station in New Orleans and is fully streamed live on the internet. Also, the website includes web only "On Demand Audio". Today, there are interviews with Andy Kopplin, Kevin Stevenson, and brand new pages outlining the progress of the city's various neighborhoods--and their recovery.

The schedule includes Rob Couhig & Bo Walker in the morning (5-8), Jim Brown (8-11), Andre Trevigne (11-2), and Sean Hannity (2-5). Yours truly will be appearing on the shows throughout the schedule, and check out my news reports at the top and bottom of the hours.

Just as importantly, check out the website for critical local news stories and the latest updates.

Some of the new stories by yours truly available at thenew995fm.com,

Carter Vs. Jefferson - Does Either Have An Edge in the Runoff?

If the national trends in Tuesday's election called for change, the results bode ill for Congressman William Jefferson. For an incumbent to be forced into a runoff is dangerous in the best of times. Earning only 30% of the vote is generally mortal.

LRA Chief: Road Home Money Delays Not The State's Fault

Louisiana Recovery Authority head Andy Kopplin says a lot of the blame can be placed on federal regulators who are keeping a close eye on the billions in federal aid money.

Everyday LRA Chief Andy Kopplin is asked why is the Road Home money taking so long. He is especially irritated when Louisiana is compared to our neighbors to the East.

Dir. of N.O. Health Dept.: Health Care Situation Could Get Worse

Dr. Kevin Stevenson says while some areas show signs of improvement, health care providers are still leaving the area.

As bad as the health care crisis is in Louisiana, it could soon get worse. Dr. Kevin Stevenson, Director of the New Orleans Health Department, told thenew995fm.com, "A lot of physicians and providers are now leaving the city. So not only do we have a shortage of them coming back to the city, some of them who are here are leaving because of the uninsured. They don't get reimbursed."

Check out the website, and email me your thoughts at christophertidmore@clearchannel.com.

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