09 November 2006

shame on louisiana


tuesday, 07 november 2006: while the rest of the country was busy pitching out republicans left and right louisiana's dimwitted electorate was busy overwhelmingly returning to office our five republican criminals and one democrat (melancon) criminal.

look at how much money has come into louisiana since katrina and rita. we owed it to the rest of the country to turn out our crooks and thugs too and yet once again louisiana fails miserably. thankfully conscientious citizens in places like missouri, montana, virginia, pennsylvania and other places did their homework and their part and tossed out their criminals.

yeah yeah we know we keep harping on this but they are destroying the constitution and no one wants to understand; no one cares. our forefathers fought a war and many of them suffered and died to get rid of the very system that these criminals are once again foisting upon us.

with the exception of william jefferson louisiana's criminal congressional delegation voted for the usa patriot act, the military commissions act of 2006, h.r.4844 the federal elections integrity act of 2006 jefferson and melancon voted against this one. h.r.5122 the john warner national defense authorization act of 2007 all of louisiana's congressmen voted for this.

concerning the military commissions act of 2006 did you know that:
Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) voted for the bill after telling reporters earlier that he would oppose it because it is "patently unconstitutional on its face." He cited its denial of the habeas corpus right to military detainees. washington post
do you realize that the oath of office one takes upon becoming a constitutional officer isnt just some ceremonial words that the president and congressmen and senators recite? oh no no its a federal law 5 USC § 3331 to be exact. arlen specter knew and so did the rest of louisiana's criminal congressional delegation, that the military commissions act of 2006 was unconstitutional then went ahead and voted for it anyway. this was a violation of not only their sworn and solemn oath but they knowingly and willingly violated federal law!

its shocking that piyush "bobby" jindal could win reelection by an astounding 88% of votes cast while anyone with two functioning brain cells and an ounce of discernment can see right through this fast talking bull-shit artist. yes hes a con artist extraordinaire. c'mon people would you buy a car or an insurance policy from this guy? not even to mention the fact that ol piyush just like our senator david vitter are rhodes scholars. so was bill clinton. rhodes scholars are another secret society bent on destroying america's sovereignty to usher in a one world government/new world order.

look at the turn out, turn coat rodney alexander received. geeze, this guy is a known backstabber and liar not to mention he covered up for a pedophile and lied about it. sixty percent of the people in alexander's district agree with this behavior and think that its just a-ok.

louisiana is never gonna be any better because the citizens here in louisiana dont want to be any better. louisianians are lazy and stupid and we revel in our laziness and stupidity except when it comes to a party then we go all out. so go on back to your boudin balls, your gumbos, go back to your football games, and your cochon de lait's. the saints will come marching in someday only you won't be one of them.

"criminals, pedophiles, blackmailers, blackmail victims, graft, corruption, crooks, con artists, liars, phonies ,cheats, frauds you could go right down the list." - jeff rense to alex jones about who composes the united states congress
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