28 November 2006

its a start jeff crouere!

over on ringside, jeff crouere wrote a great article taking to task the national republican party. thats all well and good however we wish mr. crouere would focus instead on louisiana's own lousy republican party. its fubar. the thing about RINO's is that we dont want them to change and start acting like republican's again because they never were republicans they are users taking advantage of the people of louisiana's goodwill towards the republican party.so we really hope to see an article by mr. crouere or one of the other lousiana pundits about cleaning up louisiana's republican party. its full of fake republicans and RINO's how about starting with the chairman roger villere. he doesnt do anything. a good chairman would be telling his membership that you cant file that legislation and call yourself a republican...you cant vote and support those things and be a republican...you need to find another party. the entire leadership needs to resign because they are do nothings themselves.


In the last two years of this administration, Republicans in Congress should try something new, instead of being RINO's (Republicans in Name Only), how about acting like real Republicans for a change. - jeff crouere 28 november 2006