24 November 2006

more quinn family nonsense

yesterday, in "your mail" the town talk published a spam captioned: 'State needs Jindal's leadership.' by james quinn. (btw heres some real "jindal leadership" for you other than this jindal garbage mr. quinn would have us believe) one reason its spam is because at least as of the time of this posting the town talk left out the usual disclaimer that mr. quinn is executive director of the louisiana republican party. its spam because mr. quinn's mother louisiana state senator julie quinn has been outted in our fake republican watch series, its spam because the louisiana republican party chairman -- RINO -- roger villere is not doing his job according to the republican party platform, policy or ideals. its spam because the louisiana republican party is FUBAR and its spam because we shouldnt listen to these people they dont know what the hell they are doing...or do they? :-|

dont get the wrong idea, we've had it with both parties, we dont support a governor blanco reelection either.

instead we will vote third party candidates: the libertarian party, constitution party, INDEPENDENTS!...and you should too. ;-)